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Week 1: Cards that respect our natures

September 25, 2016

For those of you who did not see my original post about Sneaky Cards, I have acquired a deck of Sneaky Cards and will be taking weekly challenges with my wife (the introvert). True to form, I drew a card that is aligned with extroversion and my wife pulled one of the most introvert-friendly cards.

Jacob’s card: Volunteer for an organization you’ve never helped before (C 665086-45*).
Rebecca’s card: Make an origami animal (C 665086-50*).

In fairness, Rebecca then has to give the origami (along with the challenge card) to someone, but it doesn’t even have to be a stranger. I’m encouraging her to give it to a stranger, though, just to keep things interesting.

* These fantastically well-designed cards have tracking codes, so I’ll be posting the tracking codes along with the cards as we draw them, so anyone interested can see roughly where and when they change hands.


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