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Week 2: Down, but not out

October 2, 2016
origami crane

My wife and I are only in the second week of our Sneaky Card challenge and I’m already one week behind. As you might recall, Rebecca picked a card about making origami for someone and I pulled “volunteer for an organization you have never volunteered at” (see Week 1 for details). Within 2 days, Rebecca had made an origami crane and delivered it, with the card, to the parent of one of our children’s classmates.

origami crane

My wife’s glorious origami crane


I, on the other hand, came up short. I’m no stranger to philanthropic organizations and volunteering; it is surprisingly hard to find an organization and give your time (freely, I might emphasize) within 7 days. I have determined that I can volunteer to be a classroom parent in my daughter’s kindergarten class, so it’s just a matter of time now.

While I am already in the hole one card, we have just drawn our week 2 cards:

Rebecca: Buy someone coffee (C 665086-29)
Jacob: Leave a generous tip (C 665086-36)

Neither one of us is particularly out of our element on these assignments, so I anticipate that we’ll be able to make fast work of them.

Reminder: cards can be tracked at with the card code, so as we distribute these cards after completing our missions, you can track how they travel.


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