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SneakyCards Week 3: The hits just keep on coming

October 10, 2016

My wife Rebecca and I have entered week 3. We’ve each successfully accomplished the objectives on our week 2 cards, but I’m still sitting on my week 1 “volunteer for an organization where you have never volunteered” card. I’m on track to complete it on Thursday at my eldest daughter’s school, so more on that next week.

Our week 2 cards were fairly easy to achieve. I provided a generous tip to the Potbelly’s driver who delivered lunch to my customer briefing in Bloomington, IL – the next day, he had already registered the card, so we have a card that is trackable!

Now, this week may be the first week that Rebecca and I both accrue an additional card.

Rebecca: Give this card to someone dressed as a superhero (C 665086-15)
Jacob: Get this card signed by a celebrity (C 665086-05)

I think Rebecca has it a bit easier – as she pointed out, she just needs to wait a few weeks until Halloween and she’s golden. I don’t frequently run into celebrities, so we’ll see how I fare.

PS If you look at the original site of the tracking for these cards, it will look like a Home Instead Senior Care. That’s just a coincidence about the center of our zip code – we’re both still hale and hearty.


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