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Week 4: A guest challenge-taker

October 16, 2016

We’ve arrived at week 4 of the Cynamon-Murphy SneakyCards challenge. Neither of us has yet completed our week 3 challenges, but I am proud to say that I successfully volunteered at my daughter’s school, which I will share about below.

Has anyone had to sit in the administrative office of an elementary school as a parent? Have you noticed that, no matter how old you are, it still feels a little bit like you are in trouble? Thus began my volunteering at my daughter’s elementary school. Once signed in, I proceeded to her classroom, where her kindergarten teacher gave me a bin of projects – photocopy these, collate those, staple that, etc. It was refreshingly mindless work that allowed me to have an almost Zen-like afternoon break from the stresses of work as a software salesperson – no emails, no meetings, just me, a photocopier, and a paper cutter… and two electronic staplers! I must admit that I was also surprised at the number of times – 3 – that school staff mentioned appreciation that a father (specifically) donated time to support them. Within a couple of hours, I had completed the work and handed off the books and projects to the teacher, along with my assignment card from Week 1. Should be fun to see how quickly that one passes – not quite so frequent an activity as tipping or taking a selfie.

Which brings me to week 4. Our friend Ginny is visiting, so my wife suggested that she join in the challenge. We drew our cards and received the following:Sneakycards Week 4 challengesRebecca: Take a selfie with a total stranger (C 665086-01)
Ginny: Give this card to the first person to say your secret code word (C 665086-10)
Jacob: Leave this card in a different state or region (C 665086-22)

I think Ginny’s going to have the toughest go with this set. For lack of a dictionary – really, who has a print dictionary these days?! – Ginny opened up our Usborne Book of Knowledge and the first word she saw was “canoeing”. I’ll be curious to find out how long it takes Ginny to hand off this card, as well as to what extremes she must go to encourage someone to mention “canoeing” in conversation.

For the time being, I have not experienced any amazing epiphanies as a result of playing this challenge game with Rebecca, but four weeks in, we can say the following

  1. Rebecca and I have something fun to look forward to every Sunday.
  2. Rebecca learned how to make an origami crane.
  3. I had the fun opportunity to give back at my daughter’s school and show my daughter and her classmates that fathers can, and do, take an active role in the classroom.
  4. I do not see celebrities with the frequency that I might enjoy.

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